• Thank you for visiting SEKOGEO / SEKOROCK and your interest.
  • We, as an expert in Construction and Civil Engineering industry, have three business sectors.
  • As an authorized dealer of Epiroc, a Swedish manufacturer- ex. Atlas Copco Korea-, we sell underground tunneling equipment with 20-years of know-how in tunneling industry.
    Specialized in tunneling engineering experiences, we support not only overseas but local clients.
  • Additionally, SEKOGEO / SEKOROCK is an exclusive Korean licensee of Redi-Rock®, a large block retaining wall system started in the U.S.A. Redi-Rock® is a complete wall solution that uses giant concrete blocks that stack up like Legos to create strong, great-looking walls, and the weight of one block is about 1,000 kg. We offer various types of blocks, and we have supplied them all over Korea.
  • At last, not the least, we provide geotechnical survey services to customers such as local governments, and general contractors, etc. We have completed numerous projects like Nakdong River Rehabilitation Survey Project, Saving Geum River Ecological Stream Establishment Project, Road Establishment Zone 2 between Boryung and TaeAhn Project, and many more.
  • If you have any inquiries on the above business, please contact the below:
  • Mr. Y.K.Lee
    OFFICE: +82-2-423-0471
    FAX: +82-2-421-0472
주식회사 세코지오/세코락   대표 : 이용규   사업자번호 : 214-86-78270
Location : 서울시 송파구 올림픽로35가길11, 420호 (한신잠실코아오피스텔, 신천동)  TEL : 02-423-0471  FAX : 02-421-0472
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